Welcome back XDC Families,

We are so excited to start our 2019-2020 school year and looking forward to making  great memories. Below are a couple quick reminders to help in this transition from Summer to Fall.

Calendar order forms are due on or before the 15th of the month prior to service. Order forms are for approved extra blocks of contract times, noon-dismissal days, and No-school days. Noon-dismissal and non-school days are not included in your contract. Days may not be switched.

Transferring an original contracted day(s) to make up sport schedules, after school clubs, holidays, no school days, or family vacation will be billed in addition to your monthly contract.

Preschool parents: please look at slow start schedule when you receive it. You will need to order extra blocks of time to cover Extended Daycare if using it when your child would normally be attending Montessori preschool during these few weeks.

Sept. 4th – is a non-contracted day for preschool, Noon-dismissal for Grades K-8

Sept.5th – is extra block for Preschool slow start and Grade K

Sept. 6th – is extra block for Preschool slow start and Grade K

Extended Daycare contracts are billed August-May. 30 days written notice of withdrawal for cause (see handbook) contracts will be prorated through these 30 days after said notice.

Late fee is assessed at $1.00 per minute, after 6:30pm that your child remains in Extended Daycare. Preschoolers not contracted for the 3:00-6:30 pm block will be assessed a late fee of $1.00 per minute that they remain in Extended Daycare

Parent communication: There is a blue notebook on the sign in\out counter; this is for you to use to inform us if your child will not be in daycare or to let us know if you have someone else picking him/her up on that day. Play dates MUST HAVE a written note or email to authorize someone to pick up your child or they will not be released (please have these prearranged)

Remember: Photo I.D. is required when you or anyone else picks up your child from Extended Daycare. Some parents/Guardians will be new to us at St. John and our staff may not know you. You may be asked for your I.D. more than once. Be sure to bring it in with you. And remind anyone else picking up your child to do the same.

An authorized adult must sign in your child IN and OUT of Extended Daycare using a full Legal readable signature, first and last name this is a licensing requirement.

We have a NUT FREE building, PLEASE no nut products for snacks or lunches at Extended Daycare. Items will be sent back home.

If you have any questions, please email Rachelle Overby at roverby@st-johnschool.org or Kathryn Chandler at kchandler@st-johnschool.org, we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity