Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Dear XDC Families,

Students in XDC have been working on “Spring-themed” crafts and activities. Some of the students’ favorite projects from last week were; “Earth Day worksheets, creating Earth Day globes with painted handprints, easel paintings and entering the “Summer XDC shirt design contest.”

Morning XDC Pre-K News

May 1st– 5th

Hello morning day care families! Thank you for your support of our auction! Your children will benefit immensely from the generosity of so many in this wonderful community.

Last Friday we witnessed what happens to water when we throw garbage into our oceans and streams. Using coffee grounds, plastic, dirt, and a few other materials we made predictions about what might happen to the water when we put certain items into it.

This week in morning care we complete the alphabet with the letter Z. The children are very excited about this, as you may have heard! I told them that we would have an “alphabet party” to celebrate. (Something simple such as mini muffins for snack, and a classroom game.)

We will also honor Mary, our blessed mother, in various ways this month. The pre-k teachers do a beautiful job teaching religion to your children in the afternoons, and I will reinforce what they are teaching as best I can.

Science Friday will involve building small structures using craft sticks and testing their strength in various ways.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Flood


You can reach the Extended Day Care staff from 7:00 AM-6:30 PM at the following phone numbers:

206-782-9915 or 206-920-0151


Rachelle Overby & Katie Flanigan