Extended Care Fees

Extended care fees are in addition to K-5 and preschool tuition. Note: Non school days are not part of contract fees.

2021-22 XDC Fees5 days per week4 days per week3 days per week
Plan A - 7:00am-8:15am$1740.04/yr ($174.00/mo.)$1,397.90/yr ($139.79/mo)$1,075.71/yr ($107.57/mo)
Plan B - 8:15am-12:15pm$4,437.72/yr ($443.77/mo)$3,689.50/yr ($368.95/mo)$2,838.09/yr ($283.80/mo)
Plan C - 11:15am-3:00 pm$4,437.72/yr ($443.77/mo)$3,689.50yr ($368.95/mo)$2838.09/yr ($283.80/mo)
Plan D - 3:00pm-6:00pm$3,352.19/yr ($335.21/mo)$2,602.39/yr ($260.23/mo)$2,071.59/yr ($207.15/mo)
Plan E - Full day when school is not in session$51.57/day$51.57/day$51.57/day
Plan F - Half day when school is not in session$25.78/day$25.78/day$25.78/day
2021-22 AFS Fees (After School Study, Grs. 6-8)$10.88 per hour, 4 hours per weekAnnual Contract: 145 days, $1,577.60